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Is there a way to track visitors and other information on my domain?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Yes, we have a built in system for statistic tracking and you can access it the following way:
Step 1
  1. Go to (where yourdomain is replaced with your actual site name and the .com is replaced with whatever your site is e.g. .net .web .com .info, the /cpanel is required.
  2. Enter your account username. (provided to you at the time of signup)
  3. Enter you account password. (determined at the time of signup.)
  4. Click on the "Log In" button

Step 2
Find (by scrolling down) and click on "Awstats"

Step 3
Click on the "View" link with the spyglass next to it.

Step 4
Start viewing your current monthly statistics. You can change to any other month that your domain has been active on our service by using the "Reported Period" drop down menus circled below.
That's It!

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